Does the installation of sprinklers permit ‘tradeoffs’ in respect of requirements regarding escape routes and passive fire protection measures?

‘Trade-offs’ or trade-ups as they should be more correctly termed, are often appropriate when a building is fitted with a full sprinkler system. Examples of the sort of trade-ups that may be possible subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction include:

  • Increased compartment sizes.
  • Increased travel distances for escape routes.
  • Reduced fire resistant ratings for structural components
  • Reductions in the number of smoke doors and lobbies.
  • Acceptance of sprinkler system as alternative compliance for access requirements for the fire and rescue service under Approved Document B5 or the Scottish Technical Handbooks
  • Acceptance of open plan living rooms / kitchens in dwellings.
  • Accepting non-compliance in the provision of means of escape for attic and loft conversions.
  • Insurance premium discounts.