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Rapidrop Global Ltd Company History

Rapidrop Global Limited has evolved from its origins as Bermil Cables in the 1970s to become a global player in the fastener and sprinkler industry. The company's journey includes challenging the dominance of GKN in the UK fastener market by forming Bermil Fasteners, overcoming challenges, and ultimately being saved by Falcon group, leading to the establishment of Kestrel Fasteners in 1984.

Daniel Gill purchased Kestrel Fasteners in 1987, merged regional companies into Industrial Fasteners International (IFI), and became a key partner for the UK OEM manufacturing industry. Collaborating with Everest Double Glazing in 1987 resulted in the development of high-security specialist window screws.

In 1998, IFI ventured into Flexible Sprinkler Pipe Connections, leading to the establishment of Rapidrop Limited in 2003, the first company to gain LPCB approval for flexible sprinkler connections. Rapidrop expanded internationally, with branches in the UAE, France, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the USA, Qatar, India, and Europe.

In 2010, IFI Group Ltd became Rapidrop Global Ltd, reflecting its primary trading role. The company continued its global growth, acquiring FloWatch Ltd in 2021. In response to changing international dynamics, Rapidrop International Freezone Ltd was established in 2022. Rapidrop Global Limited now serves customers in over 80 countries, demonstrating its resilience, adaptability, and commitment to innovation in the fastener and sprinkler industry.