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SP Flexible Sprinkler Connection

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Hose Type Corrugated Unbraided Stainless Steel Flexible
Lengths 780mm, 1000mm, 1220mm, 1540mm, 1880mm, 2540mm
Hose Size 1" (DN25)
Maximum Working Pressure 16 Bars (LPCB), 12 Bar (UL)
Minimum Bend Radius 75mm (LPCB), 100mm (UL)
Inlet connection 1" BSPT or 1¼" BSPT external thread (optional 1" NPT)
Straight outlet ½" NPT or ¾" NPT internal thread (optional BSPT)
Outlet elbow ½" NPT or ¾" NPT standard or long radius
Approvals UL Listed, LPCB, CNBOP, CNPP, Gost, SBSC

The unique Rapidrop® system easily positions the sprinkler in the centre of the ceiling tile at the correct height and can be installed in 10 to 15 minutes.
Rapidrop® Flexible is a complete unit, a corrugated stainless steel flexible with nipple, reducer, bar and brackets, which are fitted to the ceiling tile support rails to locate and secure the sprinkler in the correct position. As well as considerably reduced installation time, the risk of mess (from the cutting and threading activity associated with the traditional armover method) in the clean area below the suspended ceiling is eliminated, allowing other activities to proceed more efficiently.


The Original and first European Flexible Sprinkler Connection

Traditionally, sprinklers installed in suspended ceilings required an arm over using rigid pipe connections which have to be measured, cut and threaded on site using trial and error techniques.  This process is time consuming and expensive and can take more than 1 hour to install each sprinkler.

Rapidrop, the original and first European approved alternative solution to traditional pipe work reduces installation time and costs. Rapidrop is an adjustable corrugated stainless steel connection that removes the need for cutting, threading and precise measurements.  Rapidrop Flexible Sprinkler Connections can easily be formed by hand connecting the sprinkler to the pipework quickly even in the most restricted spaces, voids as small as 100mm.

Millions of Rapidrops have now been installed worldwide. The result is a proven and reliable connection for sprinklers in suspended ceilings, even when the sprinklers are operating at maximum pressure there are no adverse effects upon the ceiling suspension system.

The benefits of using Rapidrops are considerable for the installer and the building owner, no measuring, cutting, threading or welding, no oils, grease or mess and the Rapidrop is self-supporting so no intermediate supports are required on lengths below 1.6metres. No special equipment is required, using only normal hand tools installers can achieve centre of tile and correct vertical position first time every time. Full system pressure test can be achieved at first fix stage, no need to drain down for second fix, just depressurise, therefore no system refill or second pressure test is required.

A large range of ceiling support brackets are available to suit different ceiling systems including lift out tile, fixed board for example Gypsum and many other types.  The range of brackets are suitable for use with all sprinklers such as concealed, flush pendent and pendent heads. All Rapidrop connection nipples incorporate a unique tapered seal profile giving enhanced sealing reliability plus a fine metric thread that connects directly to the tube nut and avoids confusion with mating pipe threads. With numerous inlet, outlet and bracket options, Rapidrop are supplied in kit form from the factory containing only the specific components as per your order.

Following extensive testing, Rapidrop SP Flexible Sprinkler Connection is approved and listed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CNBOP-PIB. 

Rapidrop has become the industry standard method for connection to sprinklers in suspended ceilings and has been installed on many large building projects including Canary Wharf Development London.

Kits includes

Flexible hose, inlet nipple, outlet reducers, 1 x A bracket, 2 x B bracket & support bar up to 1 metre in length


Optional Accessories

140 mm Reducer, 170 mm Reducer,
170 mm externaly threaded Reducer for panel sandwich
90° Reducing Elbow 110 mm or 170 mm
Bars 640, 800, 1000, 1240, 1600mm
1" or 1 1/4" Inlets
1/2" or 3/4" Reducer


Standard Lengths

Product Length UL
Schedule 40
BS EN 10255
Rapidrop® SP-1AS 0.7m 5.5m 5.1m
Rapidrop® SP-1A 0.78m 8.2m 6.0m
Rapidrop® SP-2AS 1.00m 13.4m 8.5m
Rapidrop® SP-2A 1.22m 16.2m 11.0m
Rapidrop® SP-3A 1.54m 20.7m 14.2m
Rapidrop® SP-4A 1.88m 22.3m 18.2m
Rapidrop® SP-5A 2.54m - 25.2m
Rapidrop® SP-6A 3.22m - 32.5m

Material Specification 

Description Model SPB Model SPNB Model SPWB
Qty Material Qty Material Qty Material
Flexible & Braiding 1 AISI 304 1 AISI 304 1 AISI 304
Nut 2 SS400 Zinc plated 1 SS400 Zinc plated Nil Not applicable
Isolation ring 2 Nylon 66 1 Nylon 66 Nil Not applicable
Packing (Seal) 2 NBR 1 NBR Nil Not applicable
Reducer 1 Carbon Steel Zinc Plated 1 ASIM IP304 1 ASIM IP304
Nipple 1 Carbon Steel Zinc Plated 1 Carbon Steel Zinc Plated 1 ASIM IP304
Bracket A 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated
Bracket B 2 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 2 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 2 Mild Steel Zinc Plated
Square Bar 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated 1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated