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Shielding Cap for Sprinklers

Sprinkler Sizes Available for 1/2" and 3/4" Sprinklers
Material Mild Steel Zinc Plated

Shielding cap covers are intended for use in high-bay racking and high-bay racking systems with fixed, stationary water systems for extinguishing fires. The component serves as a protection for suspended shelf sprinklers, in order to prevent their mutual cooling.

Shielding cap covers are very easy to install due to the integrated spring retainers. They are simply pushed over the thread of the sprinkler and clamped when the sprinkler is screwed in. This secures the screening covers against twisting and tilting. When used for double sprinklers, two angled screening covers are to be used, which are to be aligned and fixed to prevent mutual cooling.

Shielding cap covers are made from zinced sheet steel with integrated spring retainer. Shielding cap covers are available for 1/2” and 3/4” sprinklers in standard design and in angled form (for double sprinklers).