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Portable Wet/Dry Riser & Hydrant Tester

Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar (232 psi)
Connections Inlet - 2 1/2" Male Instantaneous coupling to BS336
Outlet - 2 1/2" Female Instantaneous coupling to BS336
Medium Water
Housing Material Aluminium
Measurement Accuracy 0.5%
Installation Straight section of 5x nominal diameter before and 2x after the tester
Flow Capacity Up to 2390 lpm
Weight 14.5 kg

The Mag-Flux HTL portable flow meter is designed for testing wet riser pressure regulating valves in accordance with BS 9990: 2015. In addition it is also suitable for hydrant and dry riser system applications (systems that utilise BS336 connectors). It will measure, display and record the flow rate and/or pressure.  The portable device is operated by an internal rechargeable battery. The flow meter can operate standalone (displaying the relevant flow and pressure) or operate remotely (mobile bluetooth device) to record, download relevant flow and pressure readings via an app (android/IOS) the data can then be downloaded on to a test document via website.