Zone Assemblies

Zone Assemblies

Size 50mm (2"), 65mm (2½”), 80mm (3") 100mm (4"), 150mm (6") 200mm (8")
Maximum Working Pressure 12 Bar (174 psi)
Standards BS5306 (Part 2) and BS EN 12845.

The Rapidrop zone assembly is a compact unit that fulfills the requirements of BS5306 (Part 2) and BS EN 12845. It is used where sprinkler systems are divided into zones, typical applications include shop units and high rise buildings. The flow switch will detect water flow as a result of sprinkler head or test valve activation. This signal indicates in which zone the activation has taken place. A signal is also received from the isolation valve when it is fully open and when it starts to close. When required the isolation valve can be closed to isolate the system down stream of the valve.

Optional test and drain valve can be fitted or supplied with the zone assembly, bespoke solutions available on request.


Size A (mm) B (mm) including valve Dry Weight (KG) including valve
50 981 32
65 997 33
80 997 38
100 1016 45
150 1048 61
200 1033 66