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Wet Riser Vertical Outlet Full Cabinet

Cabinet type Vertical Outlet full cabinet
Size Height 630mm (24.8")
Width 460mm (18.1")
Depth 275mm (10.8")
Finish Red RAL 3002 or Stainless steel (Bespoke finishes available)
Standards Designed & manufactured to BS5041 part 5

The DRC008W & DRC009W vertical outlet cabinets are full cabinets designed for easy access to the wet riser valve. The cabinet has a 38mm surrounding flange and is available in red RAL3002 (DRC008W) or in Stainless Steel (DRC009W) finish.

DRC008W cabinet is painted with Epoxy RAL3002 powder paint with UV protection to prevent colour fading.

The cabinets have a wired Georgian glass door complete with a slam shut lock and stainless steel piano hinge.


Dimensions Approx Weight
High mm Width mm Depth mm
630 460 275 20



DRC002 Red / DRC003 Stainless Steel
Cabinet & Door Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel 304
Finish Red RAL 3002 / Stainless Steel
Surrounding Flange 38mm Wide All Around
Glass 6mm Georgian Wired
Lock Slam Shut Lock Keyed Alike
Hinge Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

Material Specifications 

Part Description Qty Material
Cabinet Shell 1 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Hinge 1 Stainless Steel 304
Rivet 10 Aluminium
Door 1 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Press Plate 1 Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Locking Nut 6 Copper
Wire Glass 1 Glass 575 x 332 x 6mm
Latch Lock 1  
Lock Screw 3 Steel
Signage  1