RD044 K115 SSU Sprinkler 5mm FM, UL - Brass RD044 K115 SSU Sprinkler 5mm FM, UL - Chrome

RD044 SSU Upright Standard Response Sprinkler

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K factor 115 (8.0)
Standard Orifice Size 20mm (¾”)
Standard Thread Size ¾” NPT
Response Standard Response
Bulb 5mm
Maximum Working Pressure 12.1 bar (175 psi)
Finish Brass, chrome and white paint finish. Special RAL colours available on request
Approvals FM, UL, LPCB, VdS, CE, UKCA, Gost

Rapidrop RD044 fire sprinklers are upright (SSU), standard response, frangible glass bulb automatic sprinklers.

They are CE Marked, LPCB, VdS, FM approved, UL listed, standard orifice fire sprinklers for installation in fire sprinkler systems.

SSU Sprinklers produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector. In the instance of fire, the heat causes the fluid in the glass bulb to expand which shatters the glass and releases the spring seal assembly. Water flows from the orifice onto the sprinkler deflector which diffuses the water into a uniform spray pattern which extinguishes or controls the fire.


K factor K115 (K8.0)
Standard Orifice Size  20mm (¾”)
Thread Size ¾” NPT, R3/4 
(¾” BSPT) available on special order
Max. Working Pressure 12 bar (175 psi)
Min. Operating Pressure 0.5 bar (7psi)
Factory Pressure Test 34 bar (500 psi)
Weight 79 g (2.8 oz)
Fitted with Bulb Protector Remove after installing sprinkler

Operating Temperatures

Nominal Operating Temperature Bulb Colour
57ºC (135ºF) Orange
68ºC (155ºF) Red
79ºC (175ºF) Yellow
93ºC (200ºF) Green
141ºC (286ºF) Blue


RD044 Design Coverage

Spray Upright Sprinkler For installing only in upright position giving hemispherical discharge below the deflector with little or no water being discharged upwards. For sprinkler coverage area and placement refer to NFPA 13 or EN 12845 standards or other Installation rules for automatic sprinkler systems as required by the authority having jurisdiction. The following details are provided for information only.

Rapidrop RD044 Fire Sprinkler HeadRapidrop K115 Fire Sprinkler Design Coverage


Rapidrop K115 (K8.0) Sprinkler Flow Characteristics

 Rapidrop K115 (K8.0) Sprinkler Flow Characteristics