Pump Initiation Boards

Pump Initiation Boards

Rapidrop pump initiation boards are designed to allow the initial setting and testing of sprinkler system pump initiation pressure switches in compliance with BS EN 12845. Each main pump has two pressure switches and jockey pumps have a single switch. The pressure switches can be isolated so that its function and cut-in pressure can be verified during system servicing. The special arrangement of ball and check valves means that even if all switches are isolated, a drop in system pressure will still initiate pump operation. As an additional safety measure, lockable ball valves are used to reduce the risk of them being accidentally closed.

  • Supplied ready for wall mounting
  • Each arrangement has a separate test arrangement and connection with a common drain
  • Meets BSEN12845 (double Switch)
  • Pressure tested to 17.5, 31.25 or 50 Bar prior to dispatch depending on the pressure required.
  • Available in 14 Bar, 25 Bar and 40 Bar
  • Can be manufactured to customers own specification and drawing
  • Assembled in Rapidrop UK workshop

Dimensions & Weight

Number of Units
Width (mm) Height (mm)
Depth (mm)

Weight (Kg)
14-25 bar 40 bar 14-25 bar 40 bar
2 900 1100 600 610 190 15-23
3 1200 1400 600 610 190 22-30
4 1500 1800 600 610 190 29-40


Material Specification

Pressure Rating 14 bar 25 bar 40 bar
Pipes & Fittings Galvanised Carbon Steel BS143, BS1387 Galvanised Carbon Steel BS143, BS1387 Stainless Steel
Ball Valves PN40 PN40 PN40
Pressure Switch 0.7-14 bar 2-28 bar 2-42 bar
Test Pressure 17.5 bar 31.25 bar 50 bar
Pressure Gauge 0-16 bar 0-25 bar 0-40 bar