MV-A Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

MV-A Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

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Size range: 1/2" BSPT (1/2" NPT Optional)
Body type Forged Brass
Working pressure 175 psi
Inlet connection 1/2" BSPT (1/2" NPT Optional)
Material Forged Brass with copper strainer
Finish Brass or Nickel Chrome plated
Standards ASTM B 21, ASTM B 36
Approvals FM Approved, UL Listed

Rapidrop Medium velocity water spray nozzle are open spray type with an external deflector. Water is discharged unidirectionally in conical pattern in form of small droplets. It's design is such that it enables uniform spary of water on the surface to be proetected.
The nozzle is used in deluge water spray system for special hazard fire protection application. MV Nozzles can be used to protect Horizontal, Vertical or Spherical Surfaces. Nozzles are available in wide variety of Spray Angle & K-Factor


Maximum Working Pressure 12.3 Kg./Sq.Cm. (175 psi)
Minimum Effective
Working Pressure
7 Kg./Sq.Cm. (100 psi) maximum
1.4 Kg./Sq.Cm. (20 psi) minimum
End Connection ½" BSPT (½" NPT Optional)
Included Water
Spray Angle For
Each K-Factor
140°, 120°, 110°, 100°, 90°, 80°, 65°

Orifice Size And K-Factor




( Only K-Factors
K18, K22, K30, K35 & K41
Are Available With
Strainer As Model-As )
K18 Nozzle Is With Square
Edge Orifice, Others
With Tapered Bore.

6.3(0.248)    -    K18(1.26)
6.0(0.236)    -    K22(1.54)
7.0(0.275)    -    K30(2.10)
7.5(0.295)    -    K35(2.45)
8.0(0.314)    -    K41(2.87)
9.0(0.354)    -    K51(3.57)
10.0(0.393)  -    K64(4.48)
11.0(0.433)  -    K79(5.53)
12.0(0.472)  -    K91(6.37)
12.5(0.492) - K102(7.14)
Weight 0.115 Kg. (approximately)
Finish Plain, Chrome, Nickle Plated
& Epoxy coated Model B & BS
Stainless Steel only