MV-A Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

MV-A Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

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Size range: 1/2" BSPT (1/2" NPT Optional)
Body type Forged Brass
Working pressure 175 psi
Inlet connection 1/2" BSPT (1/2" NPT Optional)
Material Forged Brass with copper strainer
Finish Brass or Nickel Chrome plated
Standards ASTM B 21, ASTM B 36
Approvals FM Approved, UL Listed

Rapidrop Medium velocity water spray nozzles are open spray type with an external deflector. Water is discharged unidirectionally in a conical pattern in the form of small droplets. Its design is such that it enables a uniform spray of water onto the surface that is to be protected.

The nozzle is used in a deluge water spray system for special hazard fire protection application. MV Nozzles can be used to protect Horizontal, Vertical or Spherical Surfaces. Nozzles are available in a wide variety of Spray Angle & K-Factor.


Maximum Working Pressure 12.3 Kg./Sq.Cm. (175 psi)
Minimum Effective
Working Pressure
7 Kg./Sq.Cm. (100 psi) maximum
1.4 Kg./Sq.Cm. (20 psi) minimum
End Connection ½" BSPT (½" NPT Optional)
Included Water
Spray Angle For
Each K-Factor
140°, 120°, 110°, 100°, 90°, 80°, 65°

Orifice Size And K-Factor




( Only K-Factors
K18, K22, K30, K35 & K41
Are Available With
Strainer As Model-As )
K18 Nozzle Is With Square
Edge Orifice, Others
With Tapered Bore.

6.3(0.248)    -    K18(1.26)
6.0(0.236)    -    K22(1.54)
7.0(0.275)    -    K30(2.10)
7.5(0.295)    -    K35(2.45)
8.0(0.314)    -    K41(2.87)
9.0(0.354)    -    K51(3.57)
10.0(0.393)  -    K64(4.48)
11.0(0.433)  -    K79(5.53)
12.0(0.472)  -    K91(6.37)
12.5(0.492) - K102(7.14)
Weight 0.115 Kg. (approximately)
Finish Plain, Chrome, Nickle Plated
& Epoxy coated Model B & BS
Stainless Steel only