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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Rapidrop have a range of products that are 100% hydrostatically tested to maximum working pressure during production.

The range of Rapidrop products that are tested using the Hydrostatic Test Machine include Alarm Valves, Pump Initiation Boards, Residential Assemblies, and Gate Valves. The Hydrostatic Test Machine is suitable for testing Valves up-to 12” in size.


Hydrostatic Test Machine technical information:
System maximum working pressure:
Test Line = 609 psi/42 Bar
Clamp Line = 10000 psi/690 bar

  • Allows and facilitates leak tests to manufactured product.
  • Upstream test (upper flange)
  • Downstream test (lower flange)
  • Body Shell test
  • Records data regarding testing criteria and graphs results
  • Supports Rapidrop QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Supports product investigation
  • Benefits product development
  • Range of adaptor fittings allow other products to be tested to including Residential Valve sets and Flexible Hoses


How it works:

The valve to be tested is clamped between two plates; the top test plate is attached to a manually operated screw press that lightly clamps the valve to be tested in place.

The bottom plate is attached to a hydraulic back pad which can be pressurised to allow larger high-pressure valves to be tested.

The load from the clamping system is largely canceled out by the test pressure applied, thereby keeping the clamping load on the valve to a minimum during the test.

The test plates form a seal on the raised faces of the valve flanges by the use of ‘o’ rings, and wherever possible, each set of test plates caters to a number of different valve sizes.

The Control panel allows for pre-programmed test criteria to be set.

If you want to know more about our testing capabilities, get in touch.

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