FM and LPCB approved braided sprinkler hose

Wednesday 20th February 2019

The RD-SMB Flexible Sprinkler Connection

Rapidrop’s first LPCB and FM approved braided flexible sprinkler hose

Almost two decades ago, Rapidrop introduced the first ever Flexible Sprinkler Hose to the UK Market, an industry first that provided a desirable and practical solution to traditional, rigid, hard-pipe connections. The original Rapidrop Flexible Sprinkler Hose is LPCB (Loss Prevention Certificate Board) certified, an approval which assures clients that the Rapidrop Flexible Sprinkler Hose is a product of the highest quality, conforming to safety standards set within the UK.

As the market progressed and requirements within the industry diversified, Rapidrop went on to release the RD-SMB, a braided flexible sprinkler hose designed with an external wire woven sleeve for added strength and flexibility. The RD-SMB received approval from the independent testing arm of international insurance carrier, FM (Factory Mutual) Global. FM approvals use scientific research and testing to make sure products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention.

Developing a new Flexible Sprinkler Hose which holds both UK (LPCB) and international (FM) certifications was a natural next step for Rapidrop. The skilled engineers at Rapidrop took on the task of reforming the RD-SMB in order to produce an FM approved braided flexible sprinkler hose with modified technical specifications that meet LPCB standards, ultimately creating a whole new RD-SMB braided flexible sprinkler hose with exceptional durability and pliancy.

Features of the new RD-SMB

The RD-SMB has the ability to withstand high pressures without permanent elongation or distortion and is able to accommodate installations in tighter, lower clearance locations. The external braided sleeve provides vibration attenuation properties in a high-flow condition as well as an added level of external abrasion protection.

The adjustable, braided RD-SMB Flexible Sprinkler Hose is constructed using helical, corrugated stainless steel that removes the need for cutting, threading, welding or precise measurements, saving a great amount of time during installation. The added benefit of the improved installation speed is a reduction in construction time. Regardless of whether the project is a refurbishment or new build, having a building fully operational as soon as possible is always high on a client’s agenda, the outstanding features of the RD-SMB will help to achieve this.

The benefits of using Flexible Sprinkler Connections

Rapidrops flexible sprinkler connections provide a plethora of advantageous benefits, including the following:

  • Installation time is significantly reduced.
  • Connections can easily be formed by hand.
  • Only normal hand tools are required for installation.
  • Centre of tile placement and correct vertical position are achieved first time, every time.
  • Self-supporting connection means no intermediate supports are required on lengths below 1.6 metres.
  • Full system pressure test can be accommodated at first fix stage, this means there is no need to drain down for the second fix, just depressurise. A system refill or second pressure test are not required.
  • Sprinkler heads, even when operated at maximum pressure, have no adverse effects upon the ceiling suspension system.

Flexible in many ways

It isn’t just the RD-SMB Sprinkler hose that has great flexibility, Rapidrop can supply the flexible sprinkler connection as a complete kit, or as a combination of individual components to fit within the constraints of any project.

The versatile RD-SMB is available with a large range bracket options to suit any type of ceiling construction, including lift out tiles and fixed board ceilings and can be easily connected to various inlet and outlet options.

The RD-SMB is fully compatible with Rapidrop’s range of concealed, flush pendant and pendant sprinkler heads.  These attributes mean a single system design can easily be utilised throughout an entire building or project, regardless of any potential differences from room to room. Providing this continuity can save a great amount of time not only on site but during the design phase of any project.

Happy to help

Rapidrop are always more than happy to provide assistance and advice regarding the best possible way forward for your sprinkler projects. For advice or quotations please contact us.

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