2.03 [RDEPS10-1] [Alarm Pressure Switches EPS10-1] [FM, UL, VdS] 1 LR.png 2.03 [RDEPS10-1] [Alarm Pressure Switches EPS10-1] [FM, UL, VdS] 3 LR.png 2.03 [RDEPS10-1] [Alarm Pressure Switches EPS10-1] [FM, UL, VdS] 2 LR.png

EPS10 Alarm Pressure Switches

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Maximum Operating Pressure 20.6 Bar (300 psi)
Maximum Adjustment Pressure 0.27 to 1.37 bar (4 to 20 psi)
Differential Approximately 0.20 bar (3 psi) throughout range
Operating Temperature Indoor or outdoor use: –40°C to 71°C (–40°F to 160°F)
Factory Setting Operates at rising pressure 0.27 to 0.55 bar (4 to 8 psi)
Switch Contact Ratings EPS10-1: One set SPDT (Form C)
EPS10-2: Two sets SPDT (Form C)
10.0 A, ½ HP @ 125/250 VAC
2.5 A @ 6/12/24 VDC
Pressure Connection ½˝ NPT male glass reinforced nylon
Cover Tamper Switch UL Models: Optional
Enclosure Rated UL 4x, NEMA 4 for indoor or outdoor use
Approvals FM Approved, UL Listed, LPCB, VdS

System Sensor EPS10 Series switches are designed for use in wet, dry, deluge, and pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to indicate a discharge from a sprinkler.

The EPS10-1 has a single SPDT switch while the EPS10-2 model contains two SPDT switches. The EPS10 Series features field adjustable pressure sensitivity to provide an alarm response between 4 and 20 psi. It is factory set to respond at 4 – 8 psi on rising or falling pressure. The pressure adjustment wheel requires no special tools and does not affect switch synchronization on the EPS10-2. The EPS10 Series switches are NEMA 4 rated.