Electromagnetic Flow Sensor Mag-Flux A

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor Mag-Flux A

Size range ½” (15 mm) - 6” (150 mm)
Pressure Up to 250 bar

Electromagnetic flow sensors mag-flux A are precision measuring devices, suitable for determining the flow rate of nearly any electrically conductive fluid, but also for substances such as sludge, pulp and paste.

Due to the magnetic field, the device can be used to measure flow rates up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s) and a minimum conductivity of 3 μS/cm, when using a synchronized static field.

The entire measuring device comprises a flow sensor and a dedicated transmitter. Those can be delivered either separately or as a compact unit.


  • Solid welded steel design, therefore rugged and fail-safe
  • Signal amplifier inside sensor
  • Inside diameter of measuring tube from 15 mm (0.591”)
  • Pressure up to 250 bar
  • Liner: hard rubber, soft rubber, PTFE & special linin upon request.
  • Various connection types and materials
  • Different materials and process connections:
    -Flange DIN, ANSI & JIS
    -DIN 11851
    -Other upon request

Technical Data

Measuring principle Pulsed constant field (DC)
Nominal Diameter DN 15 - DN 600
Process Connections DIN 2501
ANSI B 16.5
Special Connections
Error of Measurement ± 0,5 % of the reading
from 0,25 m/s to 10 m/s
Repeat Accuracy

± 0,15 % of the reading
from 0,25 m/s to 10 m/s

Max. Operating Temperature with Rubber Lining 90°C/194°F; 100°C /212°F optional
Max. Operating Temperature with PTFE lining 180 °C (at 16 bar)
150 °C (at 25 bar)
100 °C (at 40 bar)
Pressure limit with Rubber Lining max. 250 bar
Pressure limit with PTFE lining depending on ambient temperature
IP Rating IP67 / IP68
Minimum Conductivity > 5 μS/cm
Max. Flow Rate 10 m/s
Flow Rate Final Value 0,25 - 10 m/s


Design Welded Steel Housing
Measuring Tube Stainless Steel
Solenoid Chamber Steel, Stainless Steel optional
Flange Steel
Stainless Steel
Special Materials
Lining of Measuring pipe Hard Rubber / Soft Rubber
Electrodes Material Mat. No 1.4571(standard)
Hastelloy C4
Electrodes Design Mat. No. 1.4571 flat electrodes
other point-plane electrodes
Electrodes Sealing Viton (Standard)