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DRV009 4-Way Inlet Breeching Valve

Inlet Size 150mm (6")
Body type Flanged PN16 or Table D
Maximum Working Pressure 13 bar (188 psi)
Working temperature -10°C to 160°C (14°F to 320°F)
Body material Ductile Iron
Standards Manufactured in accordance with BS5041 Part 3

An Inlet breeching valve is installed at ground level to provide a connection to the water supply. The system is usually dry and charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. DRV009 has 4 inlets which are 2 ½” male instantaneous connections to BS336 and fitted with non-return valves, a 1” drain valve, caps and chains. 4 way inlet breeching valves can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position


Size 150mm (6”)
Material Ductile Iron
Pressure Rating Tested to 20 bar
Inlet Connection Instantaneous BS336 Male
Outlet Connection PN16 Flanged / Table D
Manufactured in Accordance to BS5041 Part 3

Material Specifications

Item Part Description Qty Material
1 Valve Body 1 Ductile Iron
2 Connecting Seat 4 Assembly
3 Cap 4 Rubber 
4 Chain 1 SUS304
5 Aluminium Cop 1 6061
6 1" Gate Valve 1 Assembly
7 1" Joint 2 Steel (Nickel Plating)