DRG001 Grooved Rigid Couplings

DRG001 Grooved Rigid Couplings

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Size 100mm (4")
Finish Galvanised
Temperature Range -34°C to +110°C (-29°F to +230°F)
Approvals FM Approved, UL Listed

Rapidrop DRG001 Grooved coupling is used in the assembly of grooved piping systems. The coupling halves are designed to fit tightly in the groove around the circumference of the pipes, providing a mechanical interlock which prevents movement of the pipes whilst also enclosing the EPDM gasket to form a seal. The standard-duty rigid couplings are used where no movement in the system pipework is expected.


Nominal Size 100mm (4")
Pipe O.D  114.3mm (4.500")
Max. Working Pressure Rolled (UL) 27.5 bar (400psi)
Cut Grooved (FM) 34.5 bar (500psi)
Roll Grooved 16 bar (232psi)

144mm (5.67")
193mm (7.60")
50mm (1.97")
Bolt Size (mm) M12x65

Material Specification

  • Body - Cast iron, QT450-10
  • Bolts and nuts - Carbon steel, 35K