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Drain Line Gate Valve for Wet Riser

Size DNS65 (2 1/2")
Max Working Pressure 20 bar (290psi)
Inlet DN65 (2 1/2") Male Instantaneous Hose Connection BS336
Outlet R 2 1/2" (2 1/2" BSPT)

Rapidrop Drain line valves are used for testing the Rapidrop DRV010 and DRV020 wet riser pressure regulating valve. Installed on the drain line these valves are supplied complete with instantaneous male connection to connect the fire hose.

The drain line valve is supplied complete with rubber cap and chain.

Material Specification

Part Name Material
Gate Valve  Brass
Male Instantaneous Hose Connection Aluminium/Gunmetal
Cap  Rubber
2 1/2" Nipple  Mild Steel Galvanised