CPVC TorqueSafe Sprinkler Elbow 90º

CPVC TorqueSafe Sprinkler Elbow 90º

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Size range ¾” x ½” - 1¼” x ½”
Approvals LPCB, FM and UL

CPVC TorqueSafe Sprinkler Elbow 90º (Socket x Metal NPT Female Thread)

FlameGuard™ CPVC Fire Sprinkler piping is designed specifically for fire sprinkler systems – providing unique advantages to the contractor. The easy assembly provided by the solvent cement and excellent hydraulics make CPVC an outstanding material for this application.

FlameGuard™ is manufactured from a special thermoplastic, known chemically as Post-Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride; The characteristics of the material and the pipe dimensions provide unique advantages in sprinkler installations: super hydraulics; ease of joining; increased hanger spacing in comparison to other plastics; and assembly with readily available, inexpensive tools. The product has a continuous service history of more than 30 years.

TorqueSafe benefits

  • Eliminates radial stress
  • Requires no thread sealant
  • Prevents over tightening
  • Easy frame alignment
  • Saves time and money