Cast Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

Cast Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

Sizes DN80 (3") to DN150 (6")
Connections PN40 Flange as per BS EN 1092-1
Maximum Working Pressure 40bar (580psi)
Design Standards Inspection & Test : API 598)
End Flange Dimension : API 609
Face to Face Dimension : API 609

Butterfly valves are commonly used in fire protection systems as system control valves, sectional or pump water control valves. To reduce the risk of a water hammer Butterfly Valves are provided with a slow close hand wheel operation gearbox.

The valve is equipped with limit switch box to monitor open or closed position of the valve.

Material Specifications

Part No. Description  Gate
1 Bottom Cover Carbon Steel 
Bolts Steel 
Spring Washer Steel 
Gasket Stainless Steel and Graphite
Body Cast Steel 
Disc Stainless Steel 
Seat ring Stainless Steel and Graphite
Retaining ring Austenitic Cr-Ni Stainless Steel
10  Bolt Stainless Steel
11  Stem Stainless Steel
12  Pin Stainless Steel 
13  Bearing  
14  Packing Graphite
15  Packing Gland Cast Steel
16  Nut  Stainless Steel 
17  Spring Washer Chrome Plated Carbon Steel
18  Stud Steel
19  Yoke Carbon Steel
20 Spring Washer Carbon Steel
21 Bolts Stainless Steel
22 Parallel Key Carbon Steel
23 Gear