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Bronze Butterfly Valve Threaded

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Maximum Working Pressure 20.7 bar (300 psi)
Connections NPT threads in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.20.1; Standard roll or cut groove to AWWA C606 (special order)
Approvals FM Approved, UL Listed
Size Range 25mm - 50mm (1" - 2")

Rapidrop Threaded Butterfly Valve is a rotary type valve with visual indication of whether the valve is in fully open position or not.

Butterfly valves are commonly used in fire protection systems as system control valves, zone valves. These valves have been designed with minimum flow restriction and pressure loss when in fully open position. To reduce the risk of a water hammer Rapidrop Butterfly Valves are provided with a slow close hand wheel operation gearbox.


  • All valves are mounted with an integral pre-wired supervisory tamper switch assembly. The tamper switch signal movement of the valve disc from the fully open position
  • Switch rating:
    10.1 Amps-125/250VAC-60Hz,
    Actual switch application rating:
    10 Amps/115 VAC-60Hz
    0.5 Amps/28 VDC
  • All Valves are furnished with tamper switch assemblies for
    indoor and outdoor use
  • A 1/4 turn valve with slow closing and opening to prevent

Bronze Butterfly Valve is also available with grooved ends