102 Wall Post Indicator

102 Wall Post Indicator

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Body material Cast Iron
Coating Fusion bonded epoxy coating in accordance with AWWA C550
Approvals FM approved, UL Listed, Gost

Rapidrop Model 102 Wall post indicators are UL Listed & FM approved. They are used to operate a post indicator valve (PIV) which is not accessible. There is an open / shut indicator window which will indicate if the PIV is open or closed. The handwheel can be secured with a chain and padlock to prevent unauthorised operation of the valve.

Material Specifications

Item Material
Locking Wrench Cast Iron, A126-B
Operating Nut Bronze B584
O-Ring Bruna N
Top Section Cast Iron A126-B
Window Glass Plexiglas
Open Target Cost Aluminium
Shut Target Cost Aluminium
Target Carrier Nut Bronze B584
Target Carrier Plate 1/16" Sheet Material
Clamp Target Retainer 302 Stainless Steel
Pan Head Zinc Plated Steel
Hex Nut Zinc Plated Steel
1/2" NPT Pipe Plug Malleable Iron
3/8" Eyebolt Forged Steel
Hex Capscrew Zinc Plated Steel
Stem 1" Sq. AISI 1020
Crane Coupling Cost Iron A126-B
Cotter Pin Brass
3/4" Hex Hd. Screw Zinc Plated Steel
Telescoping Barrel Cast Iron A126-B
Lower Standpipe 4" DI. CI 52ANSI A21.51
3/4" Hex Hd. Screw Zinc Plated Steel
Base Flange Cast Iron A126-B
5/8" Hex Capscrew Zinc Plated Steel
5/8" Hex Nut Zinc Plated Steel



Rapidrop Wall Post Indicator