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Lumi-Plugin - Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm Type Optical Smoke Alarm device
Isotope Activity Absence of radioactive substances.
Sound Audible indicator min. 85 dB @ 3 meter
Sound Pattern Fire alarm condition is indicated by a series of three successive tones.
Visible Indicator • normal operation every 48 seconds
• fire alarm condition every 0.5 seconds
• Smoke at the alarm threshold 2 seconds
Hush Function 10 minutes
Detection Timing Optical reading every 8 seconds Alarm stage every 2 seconds

LED Light with life safety and lifestyle plugins

Conventional fire suppression systems, fire detection, and emergency lights all compete with room lighting for the same place on the ceiling. Now they don’t have to. The compact and simplistic design of Lumi-Plugin, allows it to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings without disrupting your home or property’s interior.  Should a fire accidentally “break out” detection, evacuation, and suppression maximises escape times and minimises the impact of a fire.  The Lumi-Plugin unit provides fire detection, emergency back-up lighting and fire suppression as a plugin into an LED Lighting system. The Lumi-Plugin saves lives and streamlines interiors.

Lumi-Plugin’s multi-functional design reduces installation time and costs as you are installing one system rather than many various systems in multiple places. Expect to further increase your savings as the low voltage LEDs and PIR sensor plugins will mean you are saving energy and running costs.

World’s Smallest

CAVIUS is the world’s smallest Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, with some big features. The aesthetically pleasing Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has a 10 year long-life battery, a penetrating sound at 85dB(A) at 3 meters, a 10 minute pause option, 30 day low battery warning.

Alarm signal

The alarm has a visual and acoustic alert tone. In the passive state, the smoke detectors’ LED will flash every 48 seconds to indicate normal function. In an alarming state, the smoke detectors’ LED will flash and the alarm will emit a sweeping sound pattern design to alert occupants.

Hush Function

In the case of an unintentional alarm condition or false alarms, press the center cap button. This will hush the alarm for 10 minutes, after which time it will automatically resume its normal alarm function.


EN 14604:2005, EN 60065:2002

Red Dot Design Award

The CAVIUS smoke alarm has been awarded an Honourable Mention at the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards.


Plugin comes with a 1 year warranty

IP65 Rating

With an IP65 rating Lumi-Plugin is fully dust proof and water resistant to ensure the longevity of the product. This allows the LEDs to be used in a Zone 1 setting, i.e. wet rooms including shower enclosures.

Fire Rated 30/60/90

Lumi-Plugin has passed the loaded floor fire test standard in 30/60/90 minutes at the world famous Building Research Establishment (BRE) based in Watford.

Warm White Light

The dimmable warm white light is suitable for both home or commercial properties.


Tested to EN1365-2014


Lumi- Plugin comes with a 5 year / 50,000 hours warranty