DRV010 and DRV020 Pressure Regulating Valve for Wet Riser

DRV010 and DRV020 Pressure Regulating Valve for Wet Riser

Size 65mm (2 ½”)
Inlet Connection PN25 Flange
Outlet Connection BS336 Female
Max. Working Pressure 30 bar (435 psi)
Body material Gun Metal
Standards Manufactured in Accordance to BS5041 Part 1 to meet the requirements of BS9990: 2015

DRV010/DRV020, 65mm diameter Gun Metal high pressure “bib nose” pattern regulating landing valve is field adjustable which allows the user to set the valve outlet pressure as desired, according to the conditions of the fire protection system in which the valves are installed.

The valve comes flanged before inlet connections.

The design and construction of the landing valve is strictly in accordance with BS5041:Part 1 and the requirements of BS9990:2015. The valve is suitable for connection of a high pressure water supply of up to 30 bar (435 psi) and will provide a reduced outlet pressure which can be set in-situ during testing and commissioning of the fire protection system.

The shut-off of the valve watertight sealing is achieved by using a high quality rubber bonded seat disc which acts as a primary rubber to metal seal, whilst a secondary metal to metal shut-off is also incorporated in the design of the valve.

Every valve manufactured is hydrostatically tested to 22 bars and 30.0 bars for the valve seat and body respectively. The valve outlet static pressure is factory pre-set at 10-11 bars as required in BS9990:2015.

The internal casting finish of every valve is of high quality ensuring a low flow restriction that meets the standards water flow test requirement.

The valve comes complete with standard “red” plastic plug and chain. Alternative plugs made of brass or gun metal are also available upon request.


Size 65 mm (2 ½”)
Approx Weight 12 kg
Material Gun Metal
Pressure Rating Tested to 22 bar
Inlet Connection

DRV010 - PN25 Flange

DRV020 - PN40 Flange

Outlet Connection BS336 Female
Manufactured in Accordance to BS5041 Part 1

Material Specification

Item Part Description Qty Material
1 Valve Body 1 Gun Metal
2 Spindle 1 Brass
3 Disc Holder 1 Brass
4 Locknut 2 Brass
5 O-ring 1 Nitrile
6 Top Cover 1 Gun Metal
7 Shut Down Spindle 1 Brass
8 O-ring 1 Nitrile
9 Handwheel 1 Cast Iron
10 Handwheel Gasket 1 Steel
11 Nyloc Nut 1 Steel
12 Cap 1 Plastic
13 Bolt 1 Brass
14 Nyloc Nut 1 Steel
15 Winged Cap 1 Brass
16 Spring 1 Stainless Steel
17 Inst Seal 1 Nitrile
18 Cap with Chain 1 Plastic and Steel
19 Seal 1 Nitrile
20 Spring 1 Spring Steel
21 Spring Carrier 1 Gun Metal
22 Ball 2 Rubber
23 Adjusting Cap 1 Gun Metal